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Response from John Courage to the Campbell Campaign's propaganda
Tuesday - October 16

Op Ed
Courage Offers Specifics On Education

October 29, 2012

John in the News & On the Campaign Trail

John Courage Speaks at Northeast Lakeview College

"Both candidates for the District 25 Senate seat were invited to the forum and John Courage accepted the invitation."

Thursday - October 25
Posted by: NLC Public Relations

Texas Public Radio

Texas Senate candidate takes advantage of single spotlight

Wednesday - October 24

John Courage
Educational Endorsements

Texas Parent PAC

Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee.
"The choice is clear for families with children and grandchildren enrolled in public schools and higher education—they should vote for John Courage"

Endorses John Courage

John Courage Shaking Hands at Boerne Market Days
Sunday - October 14


John Courage at Cibolo Fest
Saturday - October 13


Wimberley Leauge of Womens Voters the One and Only Debate thus Far
October 11, 2012



John Courage and Donna Campbell Interview

Wednesday - October 11

John Courage visits
"Governing Bodies"
Saturday - Oct. 6

An art exhibition addressing the assault on women's health care in Texas presented by Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas.

John Courage Campaigning at Wimberley Market Days
Saturday - Oct. 6


John Courage Campaign at the Comal County Fair Parade
Friday - Sept. 28


San Marcos Mercury

Letter: Campbell campaigns as 'the artful dodger'

Thursday - Sept. 27
Posted by the Mercury Staff

The Gonzales Cannon

Campbell cowardly about John Courage

Thursday - Sept. 20
by Cannon News Services

District 10 Alliance
Candidates Forum
Monday - Sept. 17


John gets a warm response at the District 10 Alliance Candidates forum. Toolyard - San Antonio

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San Antonio Express News
Editorial Board Interview

Candidate Endorsement Meeting
Texas Senate District 25
September 11, 2012

John's Interview with the Texas Tribune
Thursday - Sept. 12

John at the Joaquin and Julián Castro Birthday Bash
Downtown San Antonio at
The Historic Sunset Station
Monday - Sept. 10


John at the Progressive Texas Meeting
Monday - Sept. 10

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Common Sense Priorities

• Texans deserve the best possible educational system for all our Children; we should be better than 32nd out of 50. I want every district, every school, every teacher and every student to have the resources they need so Our Children can be competitive in the Global Arena.

• Quality health care for all Texans, especially our children, elderly, and the disabled, is a moral imperative. I want to create Texas Solutions that will work for Texans.

• Public Safety in our communities and security in our homes are basic rights of all Texans. I want to sufficiently fund our first responders and reduce undo burdens on our legal system.

• A safe, reliable and efficient transportation system is critical to the economic health of Texas. I want to reform the way we finance our roads and stop selling our infrastructure to Foreign Corporations.

Courageous Stands

• Put an end the redistricting debacle we have every decade. I support the creation of a practical and independent Commission for Redistricting.

• Justice should not be for sale in Texas. I support comprehensive campaign finance reforms for the Texas Judiciary.

John Courage for Texas Senate District 25
Veteran • Teacher • Leader

John Kenneth Courage is a Texas Veteran, a teacher, a former community college trustee and he's running for the Texas Senate in District 25.

John's name embodies what Texans are looking for in their next State Senator.

He has the Common Sense to insist that Our Main Street values, not just Wall Street values, be represented in Austin and he has the Uncommon Courage to stand with Texas families and Local Businesses against the Special Interests of Corporate Lobbyists.

He has the determination to rekindle the faith and confidence we once had in Our Government; to bring back a Government of, by and for the people!

"Common Sense means not just looking at things at face value, but looking at the pros and cons and then doing what's best for the common good."

Join Our Campaign

Hear John's positive campaign message on a Texas Public Radio Interview covering John's general election campaign kickoff, July 5

npr kickoff

Less Equals Less

"I think that we need to get away from this 'less government.' What do they want? Do they want less health inspectors for food? Do they want less oil field inspectors for safety? Less means getting rid of people who are doing valuable services. So let's not talk about less government. Let's talk about smart government. Let's talk about making sure government does what it needs for the people." said Courage.

"Until we start changing that leadership and changing the agenda in Austin, we're going to continue to have problems that our children are going to face, and my grandchildren are going to face," said Courage. — TPR

In the News

John at the Kendall County Fair Parade
Saturday - Sept. 1

Downtown in Boerne, Texas. John walked the entire parade route communicating with his constituents in Kendall county and other visitors. John Courage is here and always has been - "in touch" with the people of Texas Senate District 25!

San Marcos Mercury

Candidates prep for debate season in Hays County

Thursday - Sept. 27
Posted by the Mercury Staff

San Antonio Express News

Courage, Campbell have feisty "debate"???? - Interview

Sunday - Sept. 23
by John W. Gonzalez

San Marcos Mercury

Letter: Where in the world is Donna Campbell?

Monday - September 10, 2012
Posted by the Mercury Staff

San Marcos Mercury

Courage to Campbell: Why won't you debate me?

Wednesday - September 5, 2012
Posted by The Mercury Staff

John Courage speaks at HaysDems LBJ Birthday Bash
Sunday - August 26

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Only a few days after her Republican Primary runoff victory Donna Campbell is being touted as "as good as being elected" to take the Senate seat representing the voters of District 25. Before a vote is cast, before a discussion is held, before a comparison is made, before the 500,000 other registered voters in the 25th Senatorial District even have an opportunity to consider who to vote for, the San Antonio and Austin media are ready to anoint MS. Campbell, a virtual unknown, as our Senator. Our vote and our voice and our concerns are insignificant, because the Tea Party has chosen its Senator and the rest of us don't matter a lick.

Well I for one have something to say about that. In the words of the great American Patriot John Paul Jones, "I have no yet begun to fight".

I want the other half million voters in this district who do not belong to the Tea Party to have a say in this election. They too have a right to be represented in Austin. They deserve a Senator who will represent their concerns; a Senator who will represent all Texans. District 25 residents deserve a Senator who will represent all of us regardless of whether we lean left, right or straight down the middle. We do not need a person who will only represent the extreme ideology of a vocal minority.

I have lived, worked, raised a family, volunteered, served, worshiped, spoken out, celebrated and buried friends and family in San Antonio and Bexar County for over 40 years. I have worked, and played, and educated myself, and my children, from Austin to San Antonio, and everywhere in between in the district.

I intend to campaign until the last hour of Election Day November 6th. I want to listen to the voters of our district and hear their concerns. I want to inform and educate them about my candidacy and what I will do to represent them in Austin. I will knock on doors, call on the phone, speak publicly and privately to every voter of any persuasion who is willing to listen or talk with me, about the real issues that confront our district. Texas faces challenges in dealing with our moral obligations to provide an excellent education to our children, water for ourselves and future generations, and health care for all citizens, as well as transportation and energy for a 21st century economy. I will fight for common sense solutions for these challenges when I go to the Texas Senate.

With your help I intend to win this race. I want to serve in the Texas Senate for you, for your family and mine, and for a brighter and more prosperous future for all of us in district 25.
Respectfully Yours,

John Courage

Is Donna Campbell a reflection of Todd Akin or vice versa

This week there continues to be many discussions about the inexplicable remarks of Congressman Todd Akin, and it has caused me to consider the consequences rape and incest, and the choices the victims must face. Akin's total disregard for the traumatic effects of an act of dehumanizing violence against a women, regardless of age or circumstance, is inconceivable to me, but apparently not to leadership of the Texas State Republican Party, nor many of its candidates.

The party platform, which usually represents the aspirations of the Texas GOP, advocates the same bizarre, reckless perception of the rape of a woman, and an unnatural pregnancy it may cause. This misperception has now been codified in the party platform, and all rational Texas Republican candidates need to repudiate it.

However even more bizarre, is that my challenger Dr. Donna Campbell had very early in her campaign championed beliefs similar to Akin's, and has worn her words as a sort of mantle of honor. She has publicly advocated that the government should deny giving the victim of such a heinous crime a choice, to either carry the pregnancy to term, or terminate any pregnancy caused by the rape.

In a July 5th 2012 article in the San Antonio Express-News, Dr. Donna Campbell is quoted thusly:

In cases of incest, abortion should be denied, she says, because "you can do DNA testing on the baby and catch the incesting person."

In cases of rape, abortion should be denied, she says, because "it's not forced motherhood; it's life."

I for one cannot reconcile how a doctor whose first pledge to a patient is to 'Do No Harm" can rationalize forcing an already traumatized victim to bear the consequences of her attack.

Donna Campbell and any other candidate who does not rise up and reject the remarks of Todd Akin, and stand up for victims rights, has no business claiming to represent the best interests of any reasonable Texan in the upcoming elections.

Wednesday August 22, 2012
by: John Courage

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John's Speech at the NEBCD Labor Day Picnic
Monday - Sept. 3

At the oldest VFW Post in Texas - VFW Post 76 in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

John visits The WimDems

Off the Kuff

Interview with John Courage

Thursday - September 6, 2012
by Charles Kuffner



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