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From basic business cards to a full spread of print designs.

Don't feel like dealing with those stodgy folks at the print shop. Can't say I blame you. You would be surprised at what they say about you behind your back. And I guarantee you having worked in them, they do!

The whole experience in the print world is "Git er done" money in the drawer attitude. Unfortunate mistakes are all to commonplace and more often than not, you get stuck with the re-print bill. Interruptions from phone calls, other employees or from other customers distract the graphic artist from performing with 100% concentration on your art. At PrintPrep, we work directly with you, from our home on our familiar computer system. The only person we answer to is you!

At PrintPrep, we don't want you to feel like your all alone in left field when you enter the printers domain. We will be your representative with the printer to a degree you are comfortable with. Let us take the job to press for you. Or we can prepare a disk for you to take.

Help is just a phone call or email away!

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