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Web Site Pricing


Basic Affordable website Plans

Affordable website layout!
Our web price structure is at $15 per hour. The more labor intensive the site is, the more it will cost. Keep it simple and the cost stays down. Check out these affordable package deals!*

"The Introducer" Affordable $50 Single page design.

"The Quattro" Four web pages for just $150.

"The Diversified" Six web pages for just $225.

"The Big Picture" Eight web pages for just $300.

* website packages are based on a 3-4 hour per page layout time limit. Other fees may apply for special circumstances involved in the creation of your website. Such fees might include additional photographs, usage of multiple links or additional text.

All packages listed above include per page:

A Header, Up to 3 images, Text, email links, Links to site pages.

Advanced designs featuring image rotars, videos, social networking, images viewers are available See below.

Any such fees will be discussed in advance before your site is constructed.

Changes to a website after construction are billed separately.

If you have any questions regarding these charges, do not hesitate to call or email us!


Special Add-Ons for websites

Rollovers set of five for $5

Add easy rotators $20 per page. Add $30 per site for video links Pro license fee.

Spry widgets $10 to $20 per page.

Set up Flickr or YouTube page $10.

Photo loading 50 cents each.

Video loading vary.

Embedding slide shows to site $5

EasyBigBackground on site. $10 per page. Plus 50 cents per image. Note high res only 1200x800px

Jquery calendars
Google maps
Facebook like
Twitter widget

Site managent
Domain fees
Hosting fees
Email setup

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