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Welcome to the Cedarsqueezers website!

Current build in progress - should be finished by the end of October 2013.

The Cedarsqueezers site is a rebuild on a proprietary server. The current home page can be seen below. You may note the stretched image and basic layout. This site definitely has an old school layout look as the tools in the server are quite limited and the users don't have any professional graphics training. But that is alright. It is a good attempt.

Below: The first update of the new page. It is still waiting on the new header logo which will be provided by another designer from the band. The basic links listed in text from the old site have been turned into graphical links: CD Baby, ReverbNation, MySpace, Facebook are in one bar. Then below: OurTracks, Lone Star Music, Guitar Texas and The Zone Recording Studio. A cleaner image and a MP4 with graphic were also added.

The rollover main site links bar is a set of button lights from a jukebox. The Gallery page will link off site (blank) to the Cedarsqueezers Flickr lightbox page. This keeps the site image load down. Flickr offers 2 TB of image space on their servers for free and the images can be highly organized into groups and sets with multiple level of descriptions.


Welcome to the - CJO LIMITED website!

Current build in progress - should be finished by October 8, 2013.

This site was also built on a proprietary server. But in this instance, the domain was moved to a new server on GoDaddy. Not everyone is pleased with the server service they have choose. In this case the client had issues with the sever company going out of business leaving him hanging.

The art was basically the same as before but with modifications in length and the addition of a portfolio page. Here the client wanted his art to be pretty much the same so graphically.

We are waiting on some text additions, and a few images to complete the entire sight. Almost There!!!

What's New!

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